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Just so you understand we know about your FEAR! Over 16 years we have had every walks of life come to us from Builders, Police, Firemen, Fitter, Car Mechanics, to name but a few, and in most cases, we are the only people that know about their GIRL with-in and that stays with us your safety is paramount....... 

Your next step is so simple just phone 01482 375255(we have Michelle and the salon girls on hand to help, Michelle has been out for over 20 years as now completed the Sex change and fully understands those 1st steps of coming out, and the immense fear that you may feel) So a friendly chat on the phone or pop for a coffee usually helps alleviate any doubts you may feel. We have a number of trans clients that only have our salon as A place to come to dress and feel relaxed and SAFE. So look on Body Beautiful as the place your inner woman can be released our discretion is our promise to you. We are looking forward to meeting the girl within......

New we have partnered up with a company called Thriving not just Surviving this is a free to use transsexual help group that helps low income transsexuals with makeup and wigs you have to complete a 12 weeks of meetings, helping each other. This is overseen by Rita please ring 07754360759.... must stress this is only for trans people on the sex change path.....

We specialize in helping Trans-girls to find and express the woman within themselves, regardless of whether she is TV or TS. We also specialize in 'first step transition'. The rear of the salon and changing area is very private so you can be as discreet as you want to be but you're welcome to mix when you're ready. We have now introduced 'Lock Out Monday' sessions so you can come when the salon is 'closed' to the public (This service is on a Monday only. A small deposit will have to be paid in advance using the silver service deposit link on the service page.

New to our service and to help you with your journey! We now can recommend plastic surgery in POLAND we have full information on hotels, the city, flight times, contact with surgeon we can also show you our work we have had done! please ring for more information on this procedure.

(All just a phone call away 01482 375255 ) then you're on the way to a younger you.

These are some of the things we can help you with.


  •     Four crossdressing experiences.
  •     Friendly understanding team.

  •     We understand your need for total discretion and can ensure it for you.

  •     We have helped many trans people on their journey.

  •     Makeup lessons 

  •      New New New elocution and voice training.

  •     Satin anti-wrinkle multi-layer pillow helps keep night lines/ wrinkles away

(The video to the right explains how our anti-wrinkle, anti-ageing, anti-sleep line must-have satin pillow works.

we understand the need for trans people to look as good as they can. Read more on............

https://www.thebeautypillow.com  Just £37 buy with PayPal on our secure site

We also have a new video on youtube with all you need to know about our unique antiwrinkle pillow click link below.


It is our great pleasure to be able to help the trans community. Since '2004' we have been helping others like you to develop the girl within. We have created a very special place for members of the transgender and cross-dressing communities. It is our business to help you enjoy a relaxed and inspirational time, despite your no doubt hectic lifestyle. Whether you are looking for a re-style of your image or you're a newcomer, Michelle and Janice will guide you through many ideas. We offer a shopping service just for you: give us your shopping list and we will endeavour to find what you need. Once you've got your wardrobe and makeup bag together, you can take it with you or for a small fee store it with us. You just come to us in safety any time you feel the need to dress.

You can keep entirely to yourself in your own room, or spend time in the quiet rear room of the salon where you can hear what's going on without being seen by anyone except our staff.

What's unique is that you can also spend time in our fully working salon where you can mix with our regular female clients if you wish to do so. Being in a salon is one of the best feelings for a trans person, it makes you feel like one of the girls.

There is a small outdoor patio where you will not be seen by anyone if you so wish; this is also our designated smoking area.

We stress that you have full control over who sees you, so there is no need to be worried about your privacy. It is of the utmost importance to us that you feel safe and secure because we want you to come back again and again! We fully understand how you might feel and how difficult it can be to take the road to find your true self.

Please do feel free to get in touch. Over the years we have usually found that if you just pop in for a coffee and see what we're all about, it makes your next visit more relaxed. To find out more about us, go to the 'contact page' link at the top of this page and feel free to ring - we know you may need to ring several times before you come and that's fine, but before a makeover date can be booked you will be required to leave a deposit.

Where it all began…

It all started with salon SI, in Hull, at the end of 2004. We first set up a regular beauty salon and decided we would like to be trans-friendly. Over the years we have helped many trans clients. We have grown since then, and we decided to upgrade our dressing service in 2008. We also decided that a name change would be in order. We are now called Body Beautiful. We decided to offer a more bespoke he-to-she service and a chance for transgendered people to interact in a salon environment or to experience a personal service in our dressing room.